Thursday, 1 March 2012

Seeking the views of CCGs, GPs and others

This website SUPPORTS doctor led commissioning. We support doctors wishing to improve their local NHS for their patients. What we do not support is the single biggest top down unwanted reorganisation of the NHS in the guise of the Health and Social Care Bill. We outline some of the reasons why below.


The BMA GP Committee has made a clear statement for all the right reasons against the Bill and we ask you to consider the issues and demonstrate GP support for the GPC to try and get the Bill dropped. This website is here to allow you to read more about the impact of the Bill on commissioning and say what you feel about the Bill.

The Tory and LibDem coalition say that the Health Bill is an absolute must in order to bring about the commissioning changes that are needed for the NHS of the future. We disagree.

The Government keep repeating that "95% of the country has CCGs which shows that GPs support the Bill".  We need to show that is not true.  Like the BMA GP Committee, we support doctors working together with others to improve local NHS services. We do not support the Health and Social Care Bill which is damaging, unnecessary and will lead to much more commercialisation of  health care in England.

The NHS always needs to improve but it is already hugely successful and international studies show it to be vastly superior. It is cost effective, equitable and it does not need this disruptive and unwanted reorganisation.

Our group has already lobbied the Medical Royal Colleges to hold special meetings to ask their members if they oppose the Bill. We have succeeded in bring about opposition and special meetings from Radiology, Public Health, Paediatricians and Physicians.

Emergency meetings are planned for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and Royal College of Surgeons (England).

This new initiative is aimed at CCGs and GPs and seeks to canvass your opinion on the Health Bill. As background we would direct you to our own briefing paper and this excellent overview from a Daily Telegraph journalist who is also a doctor. You can also read the considered opinion of Lord Owen (himself a doctor).

The very prominent Tower Hamelets CCG has just come out in opposition to the Bill as well as the City and Hackney CCGLike us they argue that doctors wish to be involved in improving the NHS but not via this Health Bill. 

We are asking CCGs and GPs themselves to undertake our survey and give their view on the Health Bill. We can then use this information to publicise how doctors wish to improve the NHS and be involved with other health professionals in commissioning but that this does not indicate support for this unnecessary and unwanted Health Bill.

What you can do -  please do complete our survey here and also consider sending a letter to your CCG Board asking them to consider the impact of the Bill on the work they do.

Many thanks for your support.